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LOVE Letters & Rustic LOVE Letters

If you are looking for an amazing finishing touch to your Wedding Party or Event, our giant  wooden LOVE Letters are just the thing!

We have two sets, one in white with colour-changing LED Bulbs (they can stay on one colour or change colours), and our 'Rustic' set of letters with 'warm white' bulbs, these letters are always a great photo opportunity and will be one of the talking points of your party!

Each letter is 4ft high and approximately 2ft wide.

All day hire £195

Evening Hire £150

Please note these are NOT suitable for outdoors due to risk of a tripping hazard, equipment damage and risk of injury. These are mains powered letters that require connection to a standard electrical socket. The letters need to be set up inside on a hard, flat level surface and any extension leads need to be taped neatly and securely to the floor to prevent a tripping hazard and not cause a danger to you, your guests or any onsite staff. The letters are not permitted to be moved at any point during the hire time by anyone other than a member of South Wales Party Booths staff. 

(Delivery charges may apply)
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